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YASKAWA is a world-leading manufacturer of servo motors, amplifiers, inverters, machine controllers and robots. The company was found on the concept of quality. For almost 100 years this philosophy has allowed Yaskawa to remain at the forefront of motion control technologies, which have helped to drive the automation industries such as mining, steel machine tools, automobiles, packaging and semiconductors.

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    Junma Servo

    Servo Concept Junma: Servopack Type: SJDE 1 AC 200V – 230V, +10%/-15%, 0,1kW – 0,75kW Servomotor Type: SJME 1 AC 200V – 230V, 3000 min-1, 0,318Nm – 2,39Nm, 100W – 750W With Yaskawa’s world-leading servo drive technology, we are proud to introduce the Junma series for a wide range of applications. The Junma series is different from conventional models, because no more parameter settings and no more servo adjustments are required; therefore, the setup and test runs are greatly reduced. Also, the Junma series has the standard servo characteristics such as high response, high speed, high torque, and high accuracy. The ultra compact Junma Servo Series prospers from Yaskawa leading servo technology and opens new dimensions for easy configuration of drives. Junma is maybe the first program and parameter less servo drive in the market. Junma occupies 30% less space than comparable machines in the market and remarkably reduces start-up and installation time * Less Space: Servo drives with a minimum space need of 15 x 2,5 cm * Parameter less technology enables Immediate start-up * Versions with Pulse Control and Mechatrolink II are available * Starting torque of 300% for 3 seconds. * Junma offers short response time together with highest torque, speed and precission

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    Yaskawa taajuusmuuttajat jakaantuvat kolmeen tuoteryhmään käyttösovelluksen mukaan; A1000 sarja, V1000 sarja ja J1000 sarja. The A1000 is the premium inverter from YASKAWA. It provides great operation reliability, environmental benefits and energy savings as well as many other user oriented operational features that make it a first class choice. Electrical saliency in IPM motors which enables speed, direction and rotor position detection without external feedback devices. Advanced Auto- Tuning functions to adjust automatically motor settings and analyse continuously changes during motor operation to achieve highest machine performance. Advanced energy- saving control technology which improves efficiency and machine productivity in combination with induction and synchronous motor operation. YASKAWA V1000 is a general purpose inverter drive covering the demands of a wide field of applications including Open Loop Vector functionality and the usage of PM motor without feedback. High flux braking for 50% reduction of braking time. Quick response on load and speed changes to improve machine performance. Online Auto- Tuning to optimise for improved motor performance at low speed. Open Loop Vector Control for PM motor operation. Safe Disable Inputs for Safe Torque OFF. The J1000 meets all automation requirements for compact applications with variable speed operation and energy saving characteristics. A wide range of useful functions upgrade your machine and offer great potentials. Stall Prevention Functions for stabile operation during changes of load or power supply. Over- Excitation Braking for quick deceleration without external braking resistor.